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I'm dj runnels and I think you will like shopping with Life's an Expedition. We've shipped maybe 15,000 orders so far and nobody has sent a hit man after us yet. My husband Roger also participates in the business, part-time, and we have a blast coming up with new products for you.

Shipping details

Shipping on five yarns or less is “as stated” at the time of check-out. But because the US Postal system charges by weight, and the cost goes up in very small increments after the first pound, the shipping calculator gets out of control on large orders. So for orders of 6+ yarns, Life’s an Expedition issues a shipping rebate after payment. The larger the order, the larger the rebate. Please note that this discount applies to Zibbet orders only.

HOW BIG IS THE REBATE? No order between 6 and 16 yarns will require more than $12 for shipping within the United States.* Orders of 17-24 yarns still offer a whopping rebate, but shipping might exceed $12. These rates apply to orders placed and shipped within the United States.

HOW DO I GET THIS REBATE? WHAT DO I DO? Pick out six or more yarns and pay for them. You do not need to ask for the rebate. We issue it whether you ask or not. Rebates are issued after you pay, when we pack the order, which is usually within 48 hours. You will see a credit in your Paypal account. You will be notified by email--probably 2 or 3 times--when we ship/rebate. If you don’t see any of these emails, look in your email spam folder. That's where they often end up.

On large orders of 20+ yarns, we are willing to invoice you BEFORE you pay if you prefer; simply go through check-out and complete all information, but stop before paying; this involves a few extra steps for us, so please allow at least 48 hours to get a total from us.

If you need any reassurance that Life’s an Expedition does, indeed, follow through on our rebate program, please see our outstanding feedback on eBay, where we have been selling yarn and other merchandise since 2003.

*This could change if the USPS raises their rates and if that happens, you will see the newer rate here on our policy page. (Edited January, 2012.)

Refunds, returns & exchanges

We send you an email (or two or sometimes three) on the day we ship. Can't find it? Look in your spam folder. There will be a tracking number involved. Usually you can plug that number into but it won't say much until the package is delivered. We use it to verify that you received the shipment.

Seller is not responsible in the unlikely event that items are lost in transit. But you know what? It is very unlikely that your package is lost. We've shipped thousands of packages over the years, so we know what we're talking about.

"Damaged" is also unlikely unless we shipped something made of glass or china, but we avoid selling such items; if you asked for and paid for insurance, we will help assist in that refund you deserve.

"Delayed in transit" ...well, that's another story. That happens maybe 10% of the time, especially in December, and yet there is nothing we can do about it. The post office is the post office. The package will show up, but there's nothing you or I can do to make it hurry.

HOWEVER, if WE send you the wrong item or the incorrect amount or wrote an incorrect listing or mess up your order--in short, if WE messed up, we WILL make it right with you. Please contact us and we will straighten it out. Mom taught us to take responsibility for these things. But she didn't teach us to be doormats, so if you misread the listing before you ordered and it wasn't our fault, you DO have our sympathy, but not a refund.

RETURNS: We do not accept returns. But if it will put your mind at ease, we have shipped an estimated 16,000 balls of yarn around the globe and I can only think of perhaps six people who said they were unhappy with it. Half of them were new to knitting/crocheting and unsure of their skills. The others were expecting a different color. You cannot take computer monitor displays literally when it comes to color. [Edited January 2012.]

Additional information

We are required by law to charge sales tax if you live in Illinois. On the day I am writing this, it is 7.5% but it could change at any time. You know how state sales tax is. We will try diligently to update this page if it changes.

As for payment, we accept Paypal only at this time.

We are not shipping internationally at this time.

Exotic art yarns exclusive to Life's an Expedition, plus name brands.

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